Middle Semester Exam of Curriculum Development

This Semester Middle Exam Question is a task that must be done independently for PGSD students.
Pay attention, be careful, happy work

  1. Explain the basic concepts of the curriculum from the opinions of experts (at least 3 people), then you conclude from the definition yourself!
  2. The foundation of the curriculum is very important in compiling the curriculum, how the foundation functions to support the development of the educational curriculum! Describe comprehensively the foundation needed in an educational curriculum, especially in Indonesia
  3. Explain the principles of educational curriculum development!
  4. What components should be understood when developing a school curriculum!
  5. Explain the role and how curriculum development in schools involves related parties!
  6. Why, who, and how to evaluate educational curricula!
  7. Define the curriculum development model, as follows: (a) subject-centered design, (b) learner-centered design, (c) problem-centered design!

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